Bamboo Straws: Where are they made, what are they made of, and who makes them?


We started this business with one goal in mind; reduce plastic consumption in Canada and the USA. So naturally, in our quest to find an ethically sourced reusable straw, we started looking for plastic straw alternatives on the web and on social media. After about two weeks we found that amongst the many bamboo straw suppliers online, none offered information as to where their straws were made, which bamboo it was with and who was actually making them. It felt odd to see so many bamboo straws, that come from amazing countries, have no information about their history.


That is the moment we knew we wanted to be different. Input Straw Hut Co’s Bamboo Straws.

Bamboo straws made from these 2 year chutes.

Where are Straw Hut Co.’s bamboo straws made?

Our straws come from Hon Mu Farm in the Thanh Hoa Province of Vietnam. They are grown naturally on the farm and crafted from small lots 2 year old stalks in least intrusive manner.

 Farm in Vietnam where the bamboo is cultivated.

What type of bamboo are Straw Hut Co.’s straws made of?

Schizostachyum Blumei Bamboo. The bamboo is 100% natural organic bamboo made without any harmful chemicals (dyes, bleaches, pesticides, and anti-mould agents). After cultivation, the products are then crafted to precision and sun dried or smoked till completion.

 The bamboo stalks are cut and sized into perfect lengths.

Who makes Straw Hut Co. Bamboo Straws?

The farm is a family operation and the proceeds from these straws go back into their community. The selective harvesting of small bamboo stalks from around the farm guarantee regrowth and sustainable practices so others can use the bamboo for different projects as well. 

The family members who own the farm and operate the business.

Additionally, to minimize out footprint, we took further action and did two things:

  1. We accompanied these straws with a cleaning brush made from Coconut Husk instead of the plastic bristles, which are made on the same farm with natural materials.
  2. We order in larger bulk to reduce our footprint during shipping and delivery.

Coconut husk cleaning brushes accompany our natural bamboo straws.

We are very proud of these straws and worked extremely hard to offer our customers a chance to support a community operation, help mother earth by reducing their plastic consumption and stay healthy in the entire process.

 Finished bamboo straws in baskets ready to be packaged.

Sip in peace and comfort through Straw Hut Co’s reusable drinking straws knowing that each and every one has been investigated and researched to offer you the most sustainable and ethically sourced straws available.