How do you clean reusable drinking straws?

It's Time To Clean Your Straw!

In order to determine the best method of cleaning, we will break it down by the straws material. That being said, for all Straw Hut Co. straws, just place it under running tap and swipe your cleaning brush in from both ends.

304 Stainless Steel:

Straw Hut Co. only offers premium quality stainless steel which is why we use nothing less than 304 grade 18/8 hand polished stainless steel. Why is that great news? Because now you can wash them any way you want! You can toss them in the dishwasher, boil them, soak them in vinegar or soap, or simply wash with water right after you use it. This is by far the easiest straw to clean and is extremely versatile due to its industrial properties. BONUS TIP: the straight metal straws are easier than the bent metal because you can hold it up to a light source and see right through the middle to determine if its clean! Don't worry though, all of our brushes fit inside the metal straws and go perfectly around the bends.


No worries here! Silicone is heat resistant up to temperatures above and beyond 200 degrees Celsius so you can chuck these is the dishwasher, boil on high, dunk in a vase full of kettle water and soap, or take a much more relaxed (and responsible) approach and simply wash them out under a tap right after you use it. We love the silicone for it's flexible yet durable properties but it really comes in handy when you want to look to make sure the straw is clean. Again, just hold it up to a light source and flex the silicone to look through the middle, you'll be able to make sure you're not going to have any seeds from your smoothie yesterday in your milkshake today! (cleaning brushes can be a saviour for this)


Our favourite 100% natural product but our careful cleaner! For best practice, just think of this straw like a sponge. It absorbs moisture, and colour, when placed in liquids and whenever anything can absorb moisture, it can grow mold. That is why this straw requires a little more TLC. Hand washing right after use is suggested to prolong its life but you can place it in the dishwasher every 2 weeks for a sterilization if you're not confident in your cleaning skills. For drying, it is suggested that is placed upright and left to dry fully before being stored away. Don't forget about that cool coconut husk cleaning brush to get any stuck on pieces out of your straw too!


Straw Hut Co. is a strong believer in sustainable everlasting products so that is why we use only the highest quality borosilicate glass to construct our glass straws. That being said, even though these little suckers are annealed for hours (a process which relieves the stress in the glass after the manufacturing process) they are not as smash-proof as alternatives (steel or silicone). But do you need to throw them into the dishwasher? Probably not. Why? Because you can see right into the middle of straw, being that it is a straw made of glass and all. Don't worry though, these straws have endured crazy high temperatures in order to be shaped and formed, so boiling hot water, vinegar, soap, or whatever you want to use shouldn't be a problem.


The combination of steel and silicone make up our collapsible straw (which we just talked about) so you should be all good to figure this one out. For the people who are real neat freaks, us, you are able to take the stainless steel shell pieces off of the silicone tube but beware that it can be difficult to put back together. The cleaning squeegee, included with these straws, is also silicone so just run that through the straw (backwards) (opposite side first from what you're probably thinking) (non-silicone end first) and then pull it our the bottom and you're golden! BONUS TIP: the best about these straws is that you can bent them to fit under pretty much any tap, faucet or drinking fountain. Just bend it! 


For the person who cleans and reuses paper straws, very nicely done and we applaud you but for the other 99.9% please throw them away. They are purposefully biodegradable and compostable so you don't have to reuse them! That being said, it does take energy to produce and transport these straws so if ever faced with the opportunity, please refuse the straw or simply opt-in for a reusable one. We have a couple ;) 

For the zero waste people living out there who don't want to waste any resources while cleaning their premium reusable drinking straw from Straw Hut Co, we have the ultimate tip to wash yours:

Sip water through it right after you use it!