How to choose the best reusable straw for your lifestyle?

Straw Hut Co. wanted to help you find your perfect straw, so we outlined a few scenarios and settings where our straws would fit perfectly into your lifestyle. 

On the go (travel, leisure, school, Fast-food): View Glass or View Stainless Steel or Collapsible Straw

You may prefer something smaller, light weight and clear since you may not be able to wash it right away. Glass or stainless straws work perfectly for travellers, students or active people

Thick liquids (smoothies, milk shakes, bubble tea): Bubble Tea or Smoothie

You're going to want a premium wide reusable straw. Our bubble tea size is 12mm wide and can be used on every liquid possible. It's also great for putting in the dishwasher as it doesn't fall through the cutlery tray. We also have a 9 mm smoothie sized straw which does the trick and is available in a few more colours. 

To improve dental health: All Collections

Since acid erosion, stained teeth, and cavities suck, we found that mostly all shapes and sizes help liquids bypass the teeth and offer a safer solution to dental hygiene. So everyone using a reusable straw wins! 

Everyday household use (cocktails, for children, soft drinks, coffee): View Bamboo Set or View Silicone Straws

It's important to have a straw with a reasonably narrow diameter and average height 8in (20 cm). Unless otherwise noted most diameters are all relatively similar except bamboo diameter which can vary from 6-12 mm. 

At the Office: View Steel Straw 

With the ability to wash your straw occasionally and keep it at your office it would be a good idea to buy a complete set which includes a cleaner brush, a storage bag, and a few reusable straws. You can then always take it home with you if you need. 

Best straw extreme hot or cold: COMING SOON !

Titanium is a good insulator and has a low thermal conductivity so it's perfect for anything from a frozen margarita to a cappuccino. 

Group settings (family gatherings, picnics, weddings, birthdays): View Paper Collection

Packing and transferring foods for a lot of people can accumulate a lot of extra waste. If you need a cheap and environmentally friendly option for straws you should look into getting Paper Straws. We can get every colour in the rainbow as well as any design, so you can get an eco-friendly straw that fits perfectly to the your special occasion or restaurant. 


Straw Hut Co. carries over 45 different and unique drinking straws so everyone can have the perfect straw in whatever situation your in! All of our washable straws can be used in any liquid, so use this information above as a guideline and not a rule book. If you have any more suggestions or scenarios please let us know!