How to Show Support on June 8th: World Oceans Day?

So you want to show your support for the oceans and our marine life but don't know how? Well, Straw Hut Co. has all the information you'll need to show your support, make an eco-friendly step in the right direction, and ultimately help the oceans.

The oceans need our help now more than ever before so follow these steps and let's bring awareness to this great cause together. 

1. #zeroplasticlunch
Children and adults alike can show support on June 8th by avoiding consumption of plastics during there lunch time meals. Bring your own reusable cutlery, straws, plates, packaging or use an eco-friendly alternative. You can post a picture of your meal with #zeroplasticlunch and #worldoceansday to show support, encourage others and bring awareness to World Oceans Day. Americans alone use over 100 BILLION plastic bags a year. That's crazy. Don't be apart of that craziness.  

2. Wear Blue + #wearblueforoceans
This is a powerful yet easy way to show your support. Help friends, neighbours, schools, clubs, sports teams and any organizations realize the power of blue on June 8th and have the discussion why it's important to be aware of our plastic consumption. 

3. March With Supporters (USA only)
Join other likeminded people and cruise thru town with the goal of showing support for reducing plastic pollution/consumption and preserving the beautiful coastlines in the face of the rising seas. #marchforoceans is your social media buddy for this one. In Canada, Clean The Creek is an app you can download to participate in shoreline cleanups.

4. Commit to Change 
We all know commitment can be hard but funny enough, plastic is harder. Plastic actually doesn't ever biodegrade. Instead they photodegrade - break down under exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays, into smaller and smaller pieces, never fully disappearing. Use June 8th to commit to no more plastic and use Straw Hut Co. to help you for your straw needs. 

5. Hold Onto Your Butt (not only on June 8th)
The Hold On To Your Butt program amps up awareness about the environmental impact a simple cigarette butt can have on our waterways and our wildlife. Cigarette butts account for approximately one in every five items collected during beach cleanups and even more on our sidewalks and streets. The Beachapedia page has all the info you'll need. No butts about it, don't litter.