Cleaning Brush (Plastic Bristles)

Cleaning Brush (Plastic Bristles)

Straw Hut Co.

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- Rigid bristles to get off stuck on foods or liquids

- Fits any straw from 6 mm — 1 cm diameter

- Easy to use and lightweight

- Fits all Straw Hut Co. straws except bubble tea size you will need two 

- Fits inside straight or bent straws

- Durable construction and can last several months if used properly

For the cleanest straw possible, make sure to wash out your reusable straw with hot water immediately after use. If you forget or don't have access to water at that moment, use the cleaning brush and hot water when you do have access. Insert the cleaning brush from the top and push entirely inside the straw then reverse and push from the bottom while rinsing with water. Repeat several times. Cleaning brushes are essential if you drink smoothies containing seeds or any liquid that can dry quickly within the straw such as milk or sugary liquids.