Glass Straw

Glass Straw

Straw Hut Co.

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- Borosilicate glass and kiln-annealed which makes this the only glass straw available that is truly shatter proof. 

- Handmade by a local Canadian glass-blower 

- Dishwasher safe

- Durable and lightweight 

- Clear glass allows you to view liquid contents and straw cleanliness.

We feel overjoyed to provide this amazing reusable straw to the public as this is truly a magnificent work of art. Each straw is handcrafted and preciously sculpted into a masterpiece of great sucking abilities and because of it's unique and time-consuming construction this glass is among the strongest possible grade. 

Give this glass straw as a gift to your friends or loved ones and show them how much you care, not just about them but also about the environment. 

Please contact us for straw customizations or wholesale pricing.